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You may be wondering what exactly is the Cordyceps Militaris mushroom? Known across the globe, this variety of nootropic mushroom has been used by the people of Asia since ancient times, as both a dietary supplement and a natural plant medicine.

This mushroom extract is regarded as the Energy Kick of the mycelium supplement world. It also is known to benefit and support the body’s immune system and responses. So, who wouldn’t want to add some to their diet?



  1. Functional study of Cordyceps sinensis and cordycepin in male reproductive functions
    • Detailed Summary: This study investigates the effects of Cordyceps sinensis and its active component, cordycepin, on male reproductive functions. The research focuses on understanding how these substances influence various aspects of male fertility, including libido, sexual performance, and sperm health.
    • Outcome: The results showed positive effects on these reproductive parameters, suggesting that Cordyceps sinensis and cordycepin could play a beneficial role in male reproductive health.
    • Link to Study: Read the study
    • Finding the Outcome: Typically, the outcomes are discussed in the ‘Results’ and ‘Discussion’ sections of the study, which are usually found after the ‘Methods’ or ‘Materials and Methods’ sections.
  1. Effects of Cultured Cordycep militaris on Sexual Performance and Erectile Function

    • Detailed Summary: This research examines the effects of Cordycep militaris on sexual performance and erectile function in male rats. It aims to provide scientific evidence for the traditional use of Cordyceps in enhancing sexual health.
    • Outcome: The study found that Cordycep militaris significantly improved sexual performance and erectile function in the test subjects, supporting its potential use as a natural aphrodisiac and sexual health supplement.
    • Link to Study: Read the study
    • Finding the Outcome: Look for the ‘Results’ section, which is followed by a ‘Discussion’ or ‘Conclusion’ section that interprets these findings.
  1. Effect of Cordyceps militaris supplementation on sperm production, sperm motility and hormones in Sprague-Dawley rats

    • Detailed Summary: This study focuses on the impact of Cordyceps militaris on sperm production, motility, and related hormonal changes in Sprague-Dawley rats. It explores how this supplement could influence reproductive health.
    • Outcome: The findings indicate that supplementation with Cordyceps militaris led to improved sperm production and motility, along with favorable hormonal changes, suggesting its beneficial role in male reproductive health.
    • Link to Study: Read the study
    • Finding the Outcome: The ‘Results’ section, typically found in the middle of the paper, will provide the outcomes, followed by a ‘Discussion’ that contextualizes these results.


  1. Study Title: “Effect of Cs-4 (Cordyceps sinensis) on exercise performance in healthy elderly subjects”

    • Detailed Summary & Outcome: This study investigated the effects of Cordyceps sinensis (Cs-4) on the exercise performance of older adults. The research focused on evaluating whether Cs-4 could enhance their physical capabilities and overall exercise capacity. The results indicated that participants who took Cs-4 showed significant improvements in their aerobic capacity and tolerance to high-intensity exercise. These findings suggest that Cs-4 can be beneficial in enhancing the physical performance and endurance of elderly individuals, highlighting its potential as a supplement for improving age-related declines in fitness and stamina.
    • Link to Study: Read the study here
  1. Study Title: “Cordyceps sinensis promotes exercise endurance capacity of rats by activating skeletal muscle metabolic regulators”

    • Detailed Summary & Outcome: In this study, researchers explored the effects of Cordyceps sinensis on the exercise endurance of rats. The focus was on understanding how this mushroom influences metabolic regulators in skeletal muscle. The results showed that supplementation with Cordyceps significantly improved the exercise endurance of the rats, attributed to the activation of metabolic regulators in their muscles. This study provides evidence that Cordyceps has the potential to enhance physical endurance, possibly by influencing energy metabolism in muscles, making it a promising natural supplement for athletes and individuals seeking to boost their physical performance.
    • Link to Study: Read the study here
  1. Study Title: “Effects of Cordyceps militaris supplementation on endurance performance and fatigue in high-intensity exercise”

    • Detailed Summary & Outcome: This research focused on the impact of Cordyceps militaris supplementation on endurance and fatigue during high-intensity exercise. The study aimed to assess whether this form of Cordyceps could enhance athletic performance and reduce fatigue. The findings demonstrated that participants who took Cordyceps militaris experienced a noticeable improvement in their endurance performance. Additionally, there was a significant reduction in the perception of fatigue during high-intensity exercises. These outcomes suggest that Cordyceps militaris can be an effective supplement for athletes and fitness enthusiasts looking to improve their endurance and reduce fatigue in strenuous physical activities.
    • Link to Study: Read the study here

Great question! Our Cordyceps drops stand out due to our cutting-edge ultrasonic-assisted extraction process. Here’s why it’s a game-changer compared to traditional dried mushroom capsules:

  • Enhanced Potency and Absorption: Ultrasonic-assisted extraction breaks down the active compounds in Cordyceps into smaller, more absorbable forms. This means your body can utilize them more efficiently than the compounds in standard dried capsules.
  • Higher Bioavailability: Our process ensures that the beneficial components of Cordyceps are extracted at their peak potency, offering you a product with higher bioavailability. Simply put, you get more of the good stuff in every drop!
  • Purity and Concentration: Ultrasonic extraction allows us to capture the essence of Cordyceps without the need for fillers or additives, giving you a purer and more concentrated product.
  • Fast-Acting Formula: Liquid extracts can be absorbed more quickly by your body compared to solids, meaning our Cordyceps drops get to work faster.

By choosing our Cordyceps drops, you’re opting for a more potent, pure, and bioavailable form of this remarkable mushroom, ensuring you reap maximum benefits.

Absolutely! Most folks find Cordyceps supplements to be very gentle. On rare occasions, some might experience a bit of stomach upset or dry mouth, but these are typically mild and not so common. Think of it like adjusting to a new healthy food in your diet.

Cordyceps is friendly for most, but a few people might want to check with their doctor first:

  • If you have an Autoimmune Condition: Since Cordyceps can pep up your immune system, it’s good to chat with your doctor if you have conditions like MS or lupus.
  • For the Expecting and Nursing Moms: There’s not much info on Cordyceps during pregnancy or breastfeeding, so it’s best to play it safe and skip it for now.
  • Taking Certain Medications: Especially those for thinning blood, it’s a good idea to talk to your healthcare provider, as Cordyceps could interact with these meds.

In most cases, yes, but it’s always smart to consult with your doctor if you’re on medication, particularly blood thinners or immune system therapies. They can give you the best advice on how to safely include Cordyceps in your routine.

A number of varieties of this mushroom can be found growing all over the world in the northern hemisphere. In general this species grows in humid temperatures and commonly found fruiting in rainforests in Asia such as in China. Cordyceps Militaris is usually found growing in Europe between the months of August and November.

Controlled cultivation of this mushroom variety is essential to ensure the steady supply of its beneficial compounds. Dr. Mush Me cultivate Cordyceps Militaris in a controlled environment in Estonia and later use Assisted Ultrasonic Extraction technology to reap high quality yields.

Cordyceps Militaris resembles the bright coral plants in our oceans. The orange-red fruiting body of this mushroom is a sight to see. Swollen and cylinder-like, the stems reach upwards towards the sky growing from a deceased host in the ground (insects not humans). This variety is also called Caterpillar Fungus as it grows on caterpillars using them as hosts.

Although this is a food and dietary supplement, this type of mushroom extract is well known in Chinese medicine for its energy boosting abilities. This fungus contains the compound cordycepin which is responsible for increasing the amount of ATP in the body. ATP or adenosine triphosphate is a molecule which provides the body and our cells with their essential energy needs.

It is said that use of Cordyceps mushroom therefore can support physical performance, energy levels and help combat tiredness. On top of that, this functional mushroom is also known to possess anti-inflammatory properties and supports the work of the immune system. 

Any adults over the age of 18, can use this supplement to support a balanced food diet. Our range of mushroom extracts are all of the nootropic mushroom variety which means they do not cause any psychoactive effects in the user. Nootropics are a category of natural substances which are proven to enhance brain function or cognition – one common nootropic is caffeine!

If you are taking long term medications it is always recommended to consult a health professional (doctor or pharmacist) before adding a new supplement to any diet. Liquid mushroom extracts such as Cordyceps take on the role of vitamins and minerals for example. 

Dr. Mush Me tinctures are sold as food supplements only for the purpose of general wellness and adding nutrients to a balanced diet. We do not offer medical or health advice to customers or recommend our products for the treatment or cure of any diseases or health conditions including symptoms of anxiety, stress, diabetes or others. 

The ingredients include 1000mg of Cordyceps mushroom extract combined with a carrier liquid made up of purified water and food grade ethanol. The benefits of a liquid extract are many compared to other ways of supplementing nootropic extracts.

For one, the bioavailability of the tincture method results in full absorption of the mushroom compounds. In other powder types of Cordyceps supplements there is a large risk that some content is lost to digestion. 

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